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Saxophone   Trumpet   Composer


Holder of a Bachelor of Jazz I love and perform a broad variety of styles: from African music to Pop to Ska and Hip-Hop and Jazz.

I compose for my own bands as well as for circus and dance shows.

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Bondeko / Senegal

Bondeko, which means friendship in Lingala, a language of the Congo, is a concept that fuses pop with soul and jazz, combined with African rhythms. Our goal is to enhance the concept of Bo Ndeko – friendship – and to share it with the world by showing that it is the fusion of cultures, ideas and styles that helps to create union and sustainable development.




Gestu Groupe / Senegal

Gëstu means ‘research’, ‘to deepen’, in Wolof, Senegal’s traditional language. Research and create new compositions through blending different styles of music and culture is what this young band from Dakar is dedicated to. Originating from three different countries they want to spread their dream of a peaceful and productive co-existence of cultures. ‘Gëstu’ plays their own compositions which are arranged collectively by the group. Their music is full of emotions and warmth, melting influences from modern European Jazz, African rhythms and grooves and catchy melodies. Gëstu Groupe released their second album which is available here:




Production Publicity for DHL Global




Sangoula / Cameroon

Sangoula, which means ‘success is made together’ in Douala, language of Cameroon, is a young collaboration between Jean Louis Mbé (Cameroon / vocals), Conny Schneider (Germany and Senegal / brass), Bibiane Sadey (Cameroon / backing vocals) and Ueli Gasser (Switzerland / guitar). The beginning of this collaboration is marked by winning the creativity award of the platform, an international music competition. Their award winning composition called ‘Si Ndon’ has been succeeded by other recordings, and they are currently working on he release of an entire album. 

In 2022 they produced a song for the Earth Choir Kids Project, a German-based music project directed by Reinhard Horn, that campaigns for a climate-friendly world.


Instiut Francais Yaoundé – Cameroon




Concert with Baaba Maal

Grand Théâtre / Dakar 




Spoon Doctor O / Maastricht




Saxophone lessons

During these interactive saxophone lessons you will learn how to play saxophone according to your individual learning style. Learning an instrument should be fun and this philosophy is central to my teaching methods. 

– Learn to read music
– Develop technical skills on the saxophone
– Be introduced to the musical theory
– Learn to play Jazz, Pop, Classic
– Improvise on the saxophone