Feelings and thoughts can be found in every piece of art. It is not the media that is used that matters, but rather the message that is transported to the audience.

About Conny

I am a saxophonist, trapeze artist and composer. I perform in theatre and circus productions as well as create my own performances.

The music I play and compose is characterized by a variety of styles starting from jazz to pop, passing through free improvised music and travelling further to rock and ska. I combine playing music with movement on the trapeze where I focus on creating a unique world and inviting the audience to follow.

Besides working as a solo artist on the trapeze, I am interested in performing with a group of artists from varying disciplines. I enjoy working with other artists as it provides the opportunity to create multifaceted performances. By sharing diverse ideas and learning from other peoples experiences, I continue to grow in my own approach as an artist. These types of collaborations inspire me to search for new possibilities.


Puma / Who exactly

The music I compose is inspired by a certain mood or moment of experience which I translate into sound. My compositions are kept simple but still offer space for improvisation.

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"Puma" by Upside Down Quartet (composed by Conny Schneider)
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"Who exactly" by Gestu Groupe (composed by Conny Schneider)

Pinkpop Festival

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Besides performing atmospheric and instrumental music, I love to play rock, pop and ska which provides the opportunity to bring pure energy to the audience.


Shrunken Heads

The performance "Shrunken Heads" deals with fears and the individual perception of being closed up in our society. The main emphasis is given to the different ways people may deal with these sensations. It explores the feeling of not being able to move freely. "Shrunken Heads" is the result of a collaboration between a performer, musician, set designer and myself.

We expressed our ideas through movement, modern dance and trapeze. For the set design, we built water curtains that split the stage and the audience’s space into parts. At times during the performance, the curtains separate us from the audience, representing the separation of our true self from us.

The Weathermakers

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We are not victims of our environment. On the contrary, we are responsible and capable to influence the overall direction of our lives. 'The Weathermakers' are musicians, dancers and acrobats who take action by creating their own environment through improvisation with clouds, composing 24h-sunshine and more. Needless to say, their experiments do not always turn out as expected...


With my work I wish to move the audience by encouraging them to feel and reflect. Rather than aiming for a specific outcome, I leave space for the audience to interpret and experience for themselves. It is important for me to create authentic pieces that transport real emotion in order to genuinely touch the audience .

I aspire to learn about the world and myself as I continue researching my personal language on stage. I would love to work together with enthusiastic and creative people who bring in lots of continuity and delight.


Conny Schneider
Phone: +32(0)491 596500
Web: www.connyschneider.com
Email: conny@connyschneider.com