Saxophone & Trapeze - Upside Down Music

Feelings and thoughts can be found in every piece of art. It is not the media that is used that matters, but rather the message that is transported to the audience.

Conny playing saxThe music I play on the saxophone is characterized by a variety of styles starting from jazz to pop, passing through free improvised music and travelling further to ska and reggae. My compositions are kept modest but still offer space for improvisation.

My stories are told on an acrobatic playground using the trapeze as an artistic messenger. The main emphasis lies in the interaction between all elements in the act.. Movement is my language and way of expressing the feelings which construct the atmosphere of the story being told. Every movement has a deeper meaning and is meant to invite the audience further into the plot. This invitation is the challenge which an artist faces; the public will only follow him/her into this world if they are enveloped and willing.

My vision is to let people dream and that my performance will inspire the audience to think.

You can book a variety of shows, concerts and interesting workshops! Workshops and performances can be tailored to your personal needs!

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